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14th April 2014


Are we safe in the Digital “Free”- World?

It should be on everyone’s mind, honestly, how the Internet is currently under siege by the government and has been for some time. Yet, the reaction to this outside of technology and human rights experts seems to be apathetic at best. People, including myself, continue to use various websites which were previously prone to surveillance [Gmail, Facebook, etc…] because it appears that we are stuck in some kind of networking void. it is a Catch 22. Damned if you sign off, Damned if you sign on.

However, what is more crucial is this “HeartBleed” attack which just put the cherry on top of my cake. It is evident, for me, that one of the worst violations of the current age has to be this ambiguous line for internet freedom and its relationship to “Freedom of Speech” as per the United States amendment as well as the presumption that we are not circumspect to higher powers’ incessant supervision.

I will write more on this later as I am wrapped up and overwhelmed with the plethora of information from our personal security (especially in relation to people-of-color and minority rights) in the digital age, but read or listen on into NPR’s Report:

18th February 2014


I had an #inspirational night with @dee_li_cious in attendance of #SocialGoodDebate by #Besocialchange and #CenterforSocialInnovation. Their #hub is amazing and we even got a tour! #privileged #educatedwomen #specialsocialgoodevents

I had an #inspirational night with @dee_li_cious in attendance of #SocialGoodDebate by #Besocialchange and #CenterforSocialInnovation. Their #hub is amazing and we even got a tour! #privileged #educatedwomen #specialsocialgoodevents

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18th October 2013


100 Men Rise For V-Day: Why Are Vaginas Important To You? →

AND NOW, they have opened up the discussion to men. Diverse Men, of all different sexual orientations, stepped up to the camera to give candid one-liners about the strength of vaginas.

Now, with my mind as skeptical as it is in circumstances like these (how many of them were paid to do this? Do they really practice what they preach? Were they scripted? Was this for class credit?), I would rather dismiss the skepticism and encourage you to watch this.

It was so simple, hilarious at times, but even uncomfortable for me at certain moments. That happened to be what I think is linked to a cinema verité style of documenting someone’s character and natural response to what is being asked of them. We see them swinging back and forth, arms crossed, and tension, tension, tension. It is not an easy question to answer so immediately, but once they think about it, the answers are all there.

In my school, I try to encourage my girls to be comfortable with the word VAGINA. There is not much you can do with a three year old as they have limited awareness of the symbolic representation of their femininity through their genitalia (THANK GOD!.. hold off on the deep-dives of philosophical and gender-associative discursiveness until you are in puberty. Life is plaguing enough in that respect). Nonetheless, I use it scientifically and try and familiarize them with what should be a natural word.

This video brought that home for me. It also reignited a flame that used to burn so strongly: Justice for Women’s Rights.

In other words, are you wearing purple these days? Are you aware of the statistics of gender-based violence? Do you understand the ties that disempowered women in abusive relationships have with lack of self-esteem, confidence, or respect? This is not to isolate such a lack-thereof as the sole cause of violence against women. HECK NO! However, there is a lot to be said about women who ARE aware of their self worth and who would never tolerate the degradation that some women have to endure everyday of their lives (sometimes even to their last breath).

So, I thought it was amazing that this girl exposed the reverse. Why are men so uncomfortable with talking about the vagina? Why are men so hesitant to be vocal about their respect for them? Still, this piece gives the opportunity to showcase the fabulous aspects of having a vagina:

" Vaginas make the world go round."

"Vaginas are the future."

"LOVE the taste. I LOVE the taste."


The youth present in this video should be an indication that something HAS changed over the years, but the advocacy mission of the video should also make you aware that we still have a long way to go. My favorite sentiment is by one interviewee who made the comparison to testicles and how they are so weak whereas vaginas push forward life.

LIFE has been a central value and theme in this human-rights developed medium. How can life exist without the nurturing passageway of the vagina? The place where conception, arguably, is even being considered (if you are engaging in sex for that reason).

As I am typing, I am chatting to a male friend of mine whom also believes that this piece has a feel of hilarity to it and it makes us both want to do The Vagina Dance. (There never is a reason not to dance).

In summation, and as a long-time fan of The Vagina Monologues since I was 17, Ensler’s prose as a direct influence over this propaganda is really appreciated. It sparked an amazing feeling of passion in me that I have long since been avoiding, and I am glad to see that it still exists and even moved me to open up this blog again for further discussion.

Domestic Violence can be eradicated, I am convinced, once we start opening up discussions like this in schools, in our homes, in our communities, and more- expanding to a global discourse. The age of viral media could facilitate this to an incredible degree of effectiveness. Of course, though, that is a different chapter on systemic and educational influences over socially acceptable behaviours, bodily comfort, feminism, and other taboo words.

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22nd August 2012

Photo with 1 note

#goodlooking guy self- #broadcasting in #español with his #Canon and in #FLIPFLOPS!  #curiosity #Ridiculosity #Thisismycity  (Taken with Instagram at Long Island City Piers)

#goodlooking guy self- #broadcasting in #español with his #Canon and in #FLIPFLOPS! #curiosity #Ridiculosity #Thisismycity (Taken with Instagram at Long Island City Piers)

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8th August 2012


A really interesting insight into the mystery of Jim Joe and his affect upon NYC "graff" ? culture →